The power of prayer to bring about God’s purposes on earth is seen over and over again in His Word and in the experiences of His people today. There is no greater need than prayer for ALI’s ministry to move forward. If we but ask, heaven’s resources are ready to be delivered.

please pray for:


Cameroon - The University Project.

Cameroon became a new field in 2016. A meeting with the Ministry of Higher Education opened the door to two universities in Bamenda and Buea. The meetings with Vice Chancellors took place in April 2016 and the first training for over 150 teacher trainers and professors was held in October 2017. At that time the civil unrest was ramping up and prevented additional training and mentoring. We are in prayer over this area and hope to return in the future. In the Francophone area of Yaounde, a local school called Quality International Schools hosted several workshops in 2016 and 2017.



Greater Hope Project

In 2018, ALI was asked to join the Greater Hope Project in Northern Uganda. The South Sudanese refugee camps needed help training teachers/parents. In May 2018, we hosted together with The Church of Uganda Education department the First South Sudanese Teacher’s Conference. In January 2019, we organized and hosted with the Church of Uganda trainers the second conference focusing on literacy. OUR greatest hope is to hire an amazing Uganda teacher/coach to continue to be our mentor on the ground. We pray that funding will become available for this MAJOR contribution to FIVE schools in Camp Rhino. Over 2000 students are benefiting from the training and mentoring!