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Personal Check 

Checks payable to ALI.

Mail to ALI.

P.O. Box 7024 LaQuinta, CA 92248

Please indicate to whom or what project you wish your donation to be applied in a separate note.  Do not put a team member's name on the check. Please include your name, address, and email so a receipt can be sent.

On-Line Banking check 

With your banks on-line banking, have a check sent to Advancing Leaders International at

P.O. Box 7024 LaQuinta, CA 92248


Impeccable stewardship is one of ALI’s core values. Donor support and grants are viewed as a sacred trust from God, and each is received with a commitment to be wisely used in expanding God’s Kingdom. Thus, it is our great privilege and responsibility to steward the resources we receive by:

  • Carefully monitoring all giving to ensure it is bringing the greatest return

  • Reviewing all ALI programs annually for effectiveness and cost containment

  • Maintaining openness through regular financial reporting

  • Having an independent review of all financial records yearly

  • Directing funds to specific areas of ministry in accordance with a donors’ request (when not possible, donors will be notified of fund reallocation options)

  • Maintaining administrative overhead to no more than 15%

ALI’s stewardship goes beyond the financial because it will take an ever-expanding team of friends, colleagues, and supporters to give of their time, talents, and prayers if ALI is to do the work God has called us to.