Do you ever wonder if there is more for you in life?  More than punching a clock, and following the same maddening routine day after day, and year after year?  Educators like you have big hearts. They want to make a difference in the world and in the lives of the children they teach. They are kind-hearted, and compassionate.  They are generous in time, energy, and supplies. They are some of the most giving and nurturing people on the planet, but many of these educators are burning out. They are disillusioned and disappointed.  In their frustration, they are asking God if they missed their calling...or if there is anywhere he can use their passion to transform the world for Jesus. Where do the unique skills of a teacher meet faith and the heartbeat of God for the nations? Is it possible to reignite your passion for teaching and join it with God’s love and his desire to meet the needs of the world?

ALI believes the answer is yes.  We are educators who want to empower other educators around the world. We want God’s heartbeat of love to be felt in the nations starting with the teachers and the children they teach. Join with us to find the place your purpose aligns with his plans. Is your heartbeat in sync with his? Let’s find out together.

International Involvement: Prepare training and host training in various countries. Commitment - Time includes preparation and travel (at least two weeks).

Local Team Involvement: Be a part of the Teacher Think Tank (T3) to be a collaborative group in planning instructional resources.

Short Term: Trips that are shorter to do specific projects, such as create a library. Encourage teachers by modeling lessons. Bringing supplies etc.