Advancing Leaders International is Dedicated to Raising Up Effective Leaders

Many developing countries are in crisis today. Their people are being held hostage by the on-going effects of war, corruption, disease, and poverty. Effective Christian leaders are needed to address these issues, leaders who value high ethical Christian standards, and are able to bring lasting transformation to families, communities, schools, churches, and nations.

ALI is committed to developing mature Christian leaders who can think critically and creatively when it comes to the problems they are facing, and are in a growing relationship with God. By enhancing the educational system used in most developing nations, ALI is dedicated to seeing courageous leaders produced through environments where students regularly analyze and apply the facts they are learning, create and employ their own solutions, and understand how God has designed them to work effectively in His world. By developing creative and critical thinking skills and growing a relationship with God, young leaders can emerge with the experience and wisdom needed to make informed decisions that can change their world.

Advancing Leaders International is dedicated to raising up effective leaders by:
  1. Developing the minds of young people through improved educational instruction that utilizes creative & critical thinking skills;
  2. Developing the hearts of young people to be in relationship with God;
  3. Resourcing schools with equipment and supplies that allow students to become relevant 21st century leaders;
  4. Coaching and mentoring teachers to use teaching strategies that develop Christian leaders.
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    Prayer for wisdom and direction as we train national teachers.
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