Who We Are

ALI's Guiding Values & Principles

The young people of today are our leaders of tomorrow.

Relationship leads to empowerment which leads to leadership.

We are God Led

ALI is an independent, non-denominational Christian organization committed to following God's leading in all we do.

We are Relationally Focused

ALI works in harmony with all who support our mission, believing people are more important than projects, and coming as co-learners to the cultures we serve.

We Transform Through Empowerment

ALI’s utmost goal is to assist people to embrace the truth that they are created in the image of God with the ability to make well-reasoned decisions, which bring glory to God and healing to His world.

We are Collaborative Partners

ALI values the contribution of every person in every community we serve, and assumes leadership only in cooperative dialogue with existing leaders, without imposing resources, knowledge, or management in a spirit of paternalism.