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Training Teachers

Dan mentoring a young Leader as a life Coach

Training Teachers To Become Leaders of Tomorrow

The young people of today are our leaders of tomorrow! We must develop their capacity to be creative, innovative thinkers who can work cooperatively and make well-reasoned decisions about the diverse issues in their environments. They also need the hope and vision that come from understanding they are deeply loved by God and uniquely designed by Him for a purpose. In most cases, current educational practices depend primarily on rote learning. While the memorization of facts has its place, application of those facts in real-life situations is essential for young, emerging leaders to be able to “think outside the box”. Current religious education is also centered on knowing biblical facts, and not on experiencing the love of God through truly understanding and applying His Word.

To help children develop these creative and cognitive skills and grow as Christians, teachers must be trained to incorporate inquiry learning, resourceful problem solving, and creative application in their classrooms. ALI offers training to teachers in developing nations, equipping them to utilize the tools necessary to empower the next generation of Christian leaders.