What We Do

Become a Teacher Mentor

The young people of today are our leaders of tomorrow.

A Mentor helps teachers shift their teaching paradigm.

The critical part of ALI’s teacher training process is to provide master teachers that will mentor the national teachers who have gone through our training. This mentoring will include living in the community of the partnering school, working alongside the teachers in lesson planning and in their classrooms, and modeling good teaching that will include activities to:

  1. Apply factual knowledge,
  2. Develop critical thinking skills,
  3. Cooperate in group projects with rotating rolls,
  4. Use different problem-solving methods,
  5. Create new applications using known information,
  6. Effectively evaluate results.
  7. Understand why it is in God's heart for students to learn subject material.

A key point is that the mentor teacher is not working to “Americanize” the teaching process, but to find ways to bring effective higher cognitive skill development into the national curriculum, and God into the classroom. This will require building a relationship first, and then patience as these new concepts are woven into the learning experience. The quote, “Ask three questions before giving an answer.” is wise advice.

The minimum commitment time will be one week of orientation and training in Redding, CA, one week of orientation in-country followed by at least four weeks working beside the mentored teachers in their classroom to fine tune their new skills and understanding. The mentor may chose to add additional weeks to their stay. A mentor may also chose to be part of a training week for the school in which they will be working.


Mentors will be responsible to raise funds to cover the cost of their trip and time in-country. Current estimates for Africa are:
 Round Trip International Flight from the West Coast
 In-Country Transportation
 Food, Lodging, and Personal Expenses for 7 Weeks
 Passport and Visa
 Shots and Medicine
 Total Cost

Housing will be provided by the partnering school.