What We Do

Advancing Leaders Through School Improvement

A classroom supplied with new desk and chalk board

A new classroom just equipped with new desks and chalkboard.

Most rural schools in developing countries lack the resources to provide adequate instruction in today's technology-driven world. Classrooms are overflowing with as many as 120 students. Children often sit four to six on rough wooden benches made to hold two. Light, if any, comes from kerosene lanterns whose smoke affects eye sight because there is no electricity. There may be no glass in the windows to keep out rain, dust, and wind. Clean water is offten not available. A worn textbook is shared by many pairs of eyes. Worksheets cannot be prepared because not only is there no duplicating machines, there is also no paper.

ALI works with Christian school administration, teachers, and parents to identify what are the greatest facility and supply needs of their school and what resources the community has to supply these needs. ALI then seeks funding sources that will help assist these schools to improve their facilities and their ability to acquire the educational supplies and equipment that are needed. ALI also works cooperatively with other agencies that provide ways for families and communities to improve their ability to fund their school so that dependency on outside resources is not maintained.