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Lessons are organized to invite student participation
"ALI training and mentoring has helped me be more inviting with students in my teaching. My lessons are more organized and systematic to involve students. As a result, learners are able to better internalize concepts because they now are asking why, how, etc., and they are able to integrate what.. – Jackson Maiyo, Paul Boit Boys High School, Turbo, Kenya
Students now embracing learning
"God has made my personal and professional life through the ALI training both mind-opening and practical in approach. My method of teaching now involves a lot of hands-on activities, I am asking more effective communication and critical thinking questions which have enhanced the learning process.. – John Mwanzo, Paul Boit Boys High School, Turbo, Kenya
"ALI training has brought about the following changes in my teaching: better lesson preparation, group activities to allow learners to share their learning, allowing learners to ask questions rather than just telling them the material, and learners seeing the spiritual significance in every less.. – Rebeccah Omuyeyi, Paul Boit Boys High School, Turbo, Kenya
Thankful to ALI for improving my teaching
“Thanks be to God and to Dan Perrine for being a very good coach and mentor to me. I still remember his words of encouragement when we last met in Uganda at Destiny High School in 2013. I love to teach, and I love to see my students teaching each other as they practice high levels of cognit.. – Thomas Okwera, Gulu, Uganda