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Karin Knutson
Teacher Trainer and Mentor/Coach
Email: karinknutson.ali@gmail.com

Karin Knutson is on the Advancing Leaders International team since 2012. While serving 18 years as a teacher supervisor for homeschooling families, mentor and coach for new teachers; Karin has both taught and administrated in the public, private, home, and charter school sectors. She has a passion for developing teachers who encourage and draw out curiosity and creativity from their students. For six years she worked as an administrator at a K-12 public charter school. She is also a Life Coach that enjoys helping all people to walk in their calling and gifting.

Karin and her husband, Randy, have been serving with Church Resource Ministries the past three decades, pastoring and being part of founding new church starts. Karin has played many key roles during that time: leading women’s groups, retreats, children’s ministries, and singing on worship teams. While supporting her pastor/missionary husband for over 38 years, Karin has gained a worldwide network of friends and resources.

 Karin and Randy live in Southern California and have four married children. A brand new role as grandparent began in March, 2016. Life is never dull!

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