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ALI 2016 Calendar

ALI 2015 Calendar

Jan.:               Refine our training materials and visit schools requesting our services.

Feb.:              Mentoring school staff at Paul Boit Boys High School (Level 2).

March:            Train school leadership at Rock Mirror and Fahamu Primary Schools, Kenya, (Level 1)

April:               Train the teaching staff at Rock Mirror and Fahamu Primary Schools (Level 1) and the school leadership at Testimony School (Level1)

May:               Mentor Rock Mirror teachers.     

June:              Mentor Fahamu teachers.

July:               Mentor Christ Victory Centre Academy (Level 2), train Paul Boit Boys High School leadership (Level 2).

Aug.:              Train leadership at Ancilla Academy (Level 1), Train teachers at Ancilla Academy and Testimony Primary (Level 1). Open work in Cameroon.

Sept.:             Mentor Ancilla Academy teachers.

Oct.:               Mentor Testimony Primary teachers.

Nov.-Dec.:       Work in USA to find more staff, visit donors and build donor base.

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