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Tying Up the Package

Uganda Headmaster and primary Lead Teachers
Uganda Headmaster and primary Lead Teachers

The hectic pace of meetings has finished, so now I am enjoying the casual conversations over chi with educators here in Ilula tying up our commitments and expectations. Communication is so important when people do not share the same understanding of words and sentences. I find it is good to repeat a thought several times in slightly different ways to be sure the idea registers as desired. My hearing ability does not help the matter, but I do okay if words are clearly spoken to my face.

I met with Samuel, manager of Samro School, and Raymond, the electrical contractor, to be sure we are in agreement as to scope and cost of bringing electricity to every classroom. All looks good. I was marveling once again how God has prepared me for all this. My work on building the cabin at Piatt Lake along with all the building projects I participated in through schools and churches helps me be knowledgeable and specific while working with this contractor. I am pleased that they are planning for the electrical needs of the school in the years ahead, not just for next month.

There are so many other challenges for this school as well as the schools in Uganda. I am helping them understand that while we want to help with supplies and facility changes, that is not our main purpose. I explain that it is similar to when Jesus fed the 5,000 with 5 loaves and 2 small fish. We have very small financial resources for such big, basic needs, and as God blesses and multiplies what we offer, we will be happy to share, but please do not consider us a bank. It is good to take care of these basic needs like school supplies and textbooks, but the more important emphasis of ALI is to improve teaching so generations can be blessed with leaders who can solve the problems leading to 12 baskets of provision left over.

Diana, our Kenyan daughter, and three of her friends just dropped by to say hello. They are busy getting ready for the start of a new school term Monday. Diana is a cheerful eleven-year- old in 7th grade who loves school, friends, the Lord, and her American father whom she gets to hug once a year. She is also looking forward to her American mom’s visit in six months. It is our great pleasure to stand with Diana as she grows into God’s design for her.

The last knot on the trip package will be bringing the message in church next Sunday. I am really looking forward to this as I remember God’s power download in times past. I am no preacher, but I trust the Lord to use my words to touch hearts and minds as He desires.

Five days to Myra and home, but who is counting.

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