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To say God has blessed this first round of discussion in Uganda would be an understatement. I cannot imagine an outcome that could please me more. Five secondary headmasters, a Junior High headmaster, seven primary school lead teachers, and Bishop Simon Peter have strongly affirmed all points of ALI’s vision. We had a rich discussion going through a series of development questions Myra and I developed for us to gain deep insight into their thinking and their school needs in light of what ALI desires to deliver. The problem will now be to decide where to begin as all wish to be the “model school”. I’ll let the Bishop hammer that out with them. Our first training in Uganda will be done in 2012.

My approach today came about in an amazing way. Thursday, I was disturbed that it seemed the school leaders I visited with could not grasp what ALI’s purpose was, and express a desire for it to happen in their schools. They were very focused on their schools’ reputation through testing as that is what encourages parents to send their children there, and the facultative needs of their school. This is understandable, but it is not how to raise up thinking leaders in those communities. I went to sleep giving it all to the Lord, and considering I might be like Apostle Paul—leaving Uganda and shaking the dust from my shoes. At 2:10 a.m. my eyes popped open (after 10 hours of sleep in 91 hours of living) and the Lord said showed me the way to go. He gave me the words and scripture to speak my heart’s passion, how to modify and use the ALI PowerPoint to make our purpose clear, and to be more direct, not trying so hard to make our mission their idea. I thought, “Okay, this is where I wheel my bike (ALI) onto the narrow cliff ledge of my dream. The Lord and His angels will save me whether or not the school leadership understands what ALI is trying to accomplish.” Half way through our meeting today after I did this, the headmasters were all eager to be on board. I was encouraged that other headmasters came today who clearly grasped what ALI is wishing to do, and desired to move their schools into this opportunity to change education in Uganda. They also could verbalize the struggle this will be to bring both their staff and their children’s parents to this same desire, but they really want to do it. I came back to the guest house praising God and bone tired!

Now it is on to Kenya where I am equally excited to do the work of ALI and meet my friends of ten years. I am eagerly expecting God’s hand to work there too. Maybe there will even be a surprise as He pours out bigger blessings than expected. As Myra put in one of her encouraging love notes to me, “I (God) will lead the blind by a way they do not know; in paths they do not know I will guide them. I will make darkness into light before them, and rugged places into plains. These are the things I will do, and I will not leave them undone.” Is. 42:16

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