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Christmas Greeting: 2014 accomplishments and plans for 2015

GOOD NEWS! That is the central theme of the Christmas message. Like the angel said to the shepherds, “I bring you the most joyful news ever announced, and it’s for everyone! The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today…” (Luke 2:10-11, TLB). We pray that we will all experience this amazingly good news in a fresh way this season!

ALI has good news as well. While 2014 presented many challenges—health issues, working with schools trapped in extreme poverty, and doing training in a culture that resists change—we can positively say that education has improved in the schools with whom ALI has worked. This year we trained educators in 12 schools or organizations in four African nations, with over 160 teachers introduced to new, interactive classroom strategies, along with critical thinking techniques. These educators are now influencing more than 3,500 young people, and though we know not all of them ‘caught the vision’ for what God can do in and through them, nor are they at a point to fully implement our training, we rejoice that the seeds of change have been planted and new growth occurred!

How we nurture those seeds (as well as where we plow new fields) is our focus in 2015, and God is leading our staff in wonderful ways:
    Mark and Cathy Lessig will work with the schools in Kenya with whom they have already partnered. They may also begin training and mentoring teachers at a very influential high school near their home. The Lessig’s will also use their educational and cross-cultural experience to revise some of our curriculum in order to make it more user friendly to nationals, too.
    Randy and Karin Knutson will explore a new endeavor in Cameroon, where 25 church-sponsored schools and a teacher training college are interested in ALI’s training. Randy has been plowing this ground for three years with pastors and churches, and had great results. Now Karin will join him after visiting the Dignitas Project in Nairobi where she will see how they provide quality education to their children: Karin will complete her Master’s in Educational Leadership soon, and thankfully use all she’s gleaned to help ALI move forward.
    Dan and Myra Perrine will continue their role of growing ALI. Dan is anticipating a partnership with Seeds of Hope in Zambia, We’re in discussion with them about starting a teacher training college, as well as a vocational high school. They’ve been working in Zambia for 12+ years, and we think it’s providential that their founders live right here in Redding! Since traveling and establishing educational projects is quite costly, fund raising will also be a priority for Dan, while Myra will form an intercessory prayer team for ALI. She may also be involved with the formation of the teacher training college in Zambia, if and when that comes to pass.
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